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How To Throw A Jab Properly

Basic Muay Thai Techniques and Tips – How To Jab

Knowing how to throw a jab properly can help you dictate the tempo and outcome of your next muay thai fight. Whether you use the jab to create distance, to set up the one-two combination or to break your opponents nose, there are a few key concepts and tips you need to know in order to know how to jab quicker, faster and with more explosive power.

If you’re a beginner muay thai practitioner you definitely need to know this important muay thai technique. If you are a seasoned fighter, it wouldn’t hurt to tighten up your jab technique and make sure you’re throwing it correctly:

Basic Jab Tips

  • Keep your elbows tight and pointed downwards. This will help your jabs be quicker and straighter as well as protecting your body from strikes.
  • Drive through your legs. All of your punches power comes from your legs.
  • Rotate your fist at the end of the motion. Try to keep your elbow pointed down for as long as possible until you have to turn your first over.
  • Bring your jab back to your face quickly. This will create a whip/snap to your jab and keep your face protected from counters.
  • Keep chin tucked and hiding behind your lead shoulder. Obviously a very basic fundamental but many fighters leave their chins up when they jab.

Learning how to throw a jab correctly should be one of the most fundamental, basic muay thai techniques you learn. It’s important to not overlook this simple technique because it can help control your distance, set up combinations and make your opponent hesitant to come in on you.

how to jab

Me, eating a stiff jab to my pretty face

A great example of one of the most devastating jabs is from the great Muhammad Ali. He would decide the tempo of the fight by utilizing his stiff jabs to dance around his opponent and set up hard combinations. Another example is fight when MMA superstar Georges St. Pierre uses the jab to completely destroy Josh Koschecks eye (and spirit) during his title defense.

Needless to say, you should learn how to jab! I personally love using my jab to set up my overhand right but I also use it as a range finder to gauge how far my opponent is from me.

Plenty of my opponents have used their jabs against me to keep me from coming inside and can work now and again. But once my opponent throws a lazy jab I’m able to counter hard with a right hand!

Key tip here – learn how to throw your jab with meaning and solid technique and you will have one of the deadliest weapons to use in your next muay thai fight!

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