how to throw a hook

How To Throw A Hook

Basic Muay Thai Boxing Techniques Tutorial – How To Hook Properly

If you learn how to throw a hook properly you can finish fights with body shots to the liver or a crisp hook to the chin of your opponent… doesn’t that sound nice?

Throwing a hook the right way is a basic boxing technique but it’s one of the most devastating strikes you can land on your opponent. The combination of its power and angle of attack makes it a great weapon to utilize to an opponent who expects straight punches.

If you are a beginner nak muay learning how to throw a hook correctly is one of the most important, fundamental boxing techniques you’ll learn. If you are a seasoned fighter then it wouldn’t hurt to tighten up your hook technique so make it quicker, crisper and more powerful!

Basic Left Hook Tips:

  • Pivot your lead foot. The lower body is where the motion of the hook begins. If you don’t pivot your front foot you are limiting your power and fluidity of your hook punch.
  • Rotate your hips and shoulders. Just like when you kick you need to engage your hips in order to generate any kind of force. If you are throwing your left hook, your left hip should be rotating clockwise.
  • Have your left arm parallel to the floor. Make sure your elbow is up so you are able to have a better angle of attack (around your opponents guard) and so that you cover up your chin from counter attacks.
  • Keep right hand tight to your body. This will not only help with defense but it will make your torque/rotation quicker and more efficient when you throw the hook.
  • Fist can be rotated upwards or sideways. Doesn’t really matter, it’s just based on your preference and what you feel comfortable with. Just make sure you are landing the hook with your fist and not your fingers!
  • Stay tight and don’t load up. A common mistake is fighters over extending and winding up for the hook… don’t do it! It’s supposed to be quick and ‘snappy’ so your opponent is caught of guard. Accuracy and quickness means more than power.

how to throw a hookTo be honest, I definitely under utilize this basic muay thai technique and need to start implementing it more into my game. Whenever I do throw the hook it usually catches my opponent off guard and lands… I don’t understand why I don’t throw it more, it pisses me off!

The reason the hook lands is because I throw straight punches a lot which gets my opponent defending those and leaving up the wider punches like the hook and the overhand right. If you know how to throw a hook you have a great shot at landing a punch on the chin and dropping your opponents ass to the canvas.

So if it’s not obvious yet you need to learn how to throw the hook properly if you want to add a dangerous strike to your arsenal. I’ve been caught with a hard hook before and trust me, that shit hurts!

Take the time to perfect the hook technique and I guarantee you will be scaring your sparring partners and winning fights because of this single punch!

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