How To Throw A Cross

Basic Punching Techniques For Muay Thai – How To Throw A Punch

Whether it’s boxing, MMA or muay thai, learning how to throw a cross punch is one of the most important basic punching techniques you need to learn and perfect before stepping into the ring to compete.

Even though it’s one of the earliest fundamental techniques you’ll learn when you start training muay thai, the right cross is one of the most efficient, powerful and explosive strikes if you throw it correctly. It’s even more of a dangerous punch if you know how to set it up by throwing the jab in front of it!

Basic Tips On How To Throw A Cross

  • Keep your elbows tight and pointed downwards. This will help make your punch straight, quicker and more efficient.
  • Rotate your hips and shoulders. All your power isn’t coming from your arm, it’s coming from the rotation of your body! Make sure you use your whole torso to throw a punch.
  • Pivot on your back foot. This is going to open up your hips and help generate more power/speed to your right cross. Without a pivot you won’t be using your legs to generate power!
  • ‘Sit down’ on your punches. Bend your knees and stay centered on your feet. Try not to lunge forward!
  • Snap your punches. Act like your arm is a whip and you need to bring it back to your chin just as quickly as you threw it out. This will help make your punches ‘snap’.
  • Keep opposite hand up. Make sure you have your opposite up for defense purposes.

Practice and perfect how to throw a cross and I guarantee you’ll see leaps of improvement in your quickness and power of your punch. Start off slow and get a feel for how your body should be moving along with your punch. A common mistake people make it rushing basic muay thai techniques which can lead to picking up bad habits that are tough to change… don’t do it!

sean fagan muay thai guy

One of my favorite punches (if you couldn’t tell from the picture above) is definitely the right cross. Most of the fights I’ve finished have been directly from using the right cross to either hurt my opponent or set up other Muay Thai techniques (mainly my overhand right).

Not to mention the one time I’ve been absolutely ROCKED was from a straight right hand. Ever since then I make sure to keep my chin tucked and hands up!

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