How To Throw A Body Shot Like A Boxing Champion

How To Throw A Body Shot Like A Boxing Champion

It doesn’t matter how tough you are, a body shot will shut your body down.

Stephan Bonnar, a UFC Hall of Famer, is nicknamed “the American Psycho.” He had never been finished in a fight (only doctor stoppages)…until he met Anderson Silva. One simple knee to the body shut the American Psycho down and stamped him in the fetal position where he could do nothing but absorb punches.

Today, we’re learning how to bring the pain. In the below Evolve MMA video, multiple-time WBC Boxing World Champion Pongsaklek Wonjongkam will show you how to put your opponent out:

How To Throw A Body Shot

The body shot itself is a very effective punch. However, it’s no good if you don’t know how to land it. So let’s introduce some deception.

Do you remember Bill “Superfoot” Wallace? He reigned as a PKA (Professional Karate Association) champion for 6 years. One of the trickiest things about Superfoot was how the chamber for his hook, side, and round kick all looked exactly the same. Every single fighter trains to react to techniques as quickly as possible, so they often react right when a technique is chambered.

However, what are you to do when 3 different techniques have exactly the same chamber? Judging by Superfoot’s undefeated record, there’s not much you can do. But there is much we can learn from it. In fact, we can apply this tactic to our punches.

Animated GIF


Sugar Ray Robinson is considered to be the greatest pound-for-pound boxer of all time, and he used and abused this same tactic. As I learned from the Modern Martial Artist, Robinson liked to pull his arm back, placing his fist about in line with his lower chest (or even lower) for both body shots and head shots. Animated GIF

With this chamber, Robinson could easily change the direction of his punches. If he decided he wanted to punch high instead of low, he could. If low instead of high, he could. Furthermore, he could even change his hooks into straights. If you can master this chamber, many of your punches will look exactly the same to your opponent. May it serve you well.


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