How To Setup A Powerful Step Knee

Orthodox Step Up Knee Technique

Few things hurt more than a well-placed knee to the body.

As is often demonstrated in fighting, “the art of war is deception.” This deception can take many forms; it’s feints, it’s fakes, it’s head-body-head, etc. What we’re observing today is going to be the head-body-head kind of deception. This works simply due to the fact that it is impossible for humans to focus on more than one thing at a time.

However…the opponent does have to focus. If you slap him with a powerless jab, will he even have to bother with it? Not really. You need a threat to capture his attention. Once the threat is established, your trick is to divide and conquer. To divide his attention with setups before you conquer with the finish.

How To Setup A Powerful Step Knee

As the man said, basics work for everybody.

Think of basics as analogous to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It empowers the little man with techniques able to combat men much stronger than him. It’s a style that maximizes strength; it makes a little man strong, and it will make a strong man even stronger. Basics can get the job done like nothing else. And when you’ve got your basics down, you can start adding little deceptive tricks.

Basics set up the flashy stuff. Each basic technique can be a node with an infinite number of branches that extend to more advanced tricks and techniques.

10 Basic Muay Thai Combos | Best Combinations For Beginners

If you want a great study of basics, look no further than Buakaw. His fights with Nieky Holzken demonstrate what unpredictability you can have by combining just a few techniques. A few nodes with infinite branches. Let’s observe these nodes and see how far they branch. I present to you… Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Buakaw vs. Nieky Holzken: The Muay Thai Centerline Chain | Lawrence Kenshin

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