How To Set Up The Spear Elbow KO

Landing Vicious Elbow Knockouts with Pro Fighter “Black Tiger”

Kru Black Tiger has earned his nickname.

He stalks his opponent just as a tiger does. He is patient, but he will also charge in fearlessly with full power the moment he sees an opening. Thus, we find no one better to teach us the finer details of the up elbow.

Of our 8 limbs, the elbows possess the shortest range. This makes them one of the most difficult strikes to land. However, Kru Black Tiger uses a neat deception where he skips forward, faking a knee to the body. This is a perfect technique to get your opponent to react and place themselves in an ideal posture for you to move in and slice with your dagger.

To see even more details on how Kru Black Tiger brilliantly sets up the up elbow, check out the video below:

How To Set Up The Spear Elbow KO

Kru Black Tiger is one of the great many coaches at Thailand Training Camp. Inside the gym of Khongsittha are numerous coaches, each with their own specialty. Kru Black Tiger is, like his nickname suggests, one who possesses monstrous power. Contrast this with Kru Ruey, who is one of the smallest coaches at Khongsittha but still remains a deadly combination of surgical precision and bullet speed.

All the campers will have an opportunity to rotate through each trainer, working with them 1 on 1 during each session. In the video below we have our clinch masters, Kru Pong. He is a funny one; therefore, when you go to Thailand Training Camp, expect as many punchlines as punches:

Crossface Clinch Defense for Muay Thai

Khongsittha takes great pride in their amazing trainers and Krus. They care just as much about you as they do your technique. However, the epic training you’ll get in Thailand Training Camp is only one small bit of what you’ll be getting.

These Nak Muay Nation training camps are much more than just a training camp. It is paradise for every Nak Muay out there. It is the chance to train every day, to watch insane fights every week, to meet the legends of Muay Thai, and to make life-long friends.

Basically, if you want a memory to last you a lifetime, it starts here.

Take the dive into the experience of a lifetime. For upcoming dates of Thailand Training Camp, go to

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