How To Punch Hard

How To Punch Hard

Learn How To Punch Hard! Increase Punching Power And Throw The Perfect Punch With These Great Training Tips!

Want to know how to punch hard? Do you want to know the techniques and tips that will help improve your punching power and speed?

If you want to put fear into your opponents and step up your boxing, mma or muay thai training by increasing your punching power follow the 5 best tips and avoid the 5 common mistakes below!

How To Punch Harder – 5 Best Tips

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Technique Is Key – It’s obvious but it needs to be said… the better your punching technique the more powerful and fluent your punches will be. Learn how to throw proper punches before you worry about increasing your punching power. Punching harder doesn’t come from strength, it comes from flawless technique.

Speed is NOT Power – You must have your body weight behind your punches in order to punch harder. Power isn’t just how quick you can bring your punch in and out of the chamber, it’s how much force you have behind it as well. Make sure to use your entire body!

Use Your Legs and Hips – If you want to know how to punch hard then learn how to torque your entire body and ‘sit down’ with your punches. The flow of energy should go from your legs to your hips to your shoulders to your arm and finally to your fist. Use your legs to begin your punch and rotate your hips/torso to throw the perfect power punch!

Don’t Reach – In order to increase punching power you have to land your punch before your arm is fully extended. Make sure you are not lunging too far forward otherwise you will not have any leverage behind your punch and be open for counters. Your power will be near the end of the punch but not at the full extension of the arm.

Diversify – Use different punches, different angles and different timing to really get the full effect of your power punch. Lead with a jab, throw feints and mix up your combinations and timing to keep your opponent off guard. The perfect knock out punch is the one your opponent doesn’t see coming!

Bonus Tip – Learn the best exercises and training techniques to increase punching power!

How To Punch Hard – 5 Common Mistakes

Lifting Your Feet – Make sure you sit down with your punches and have a strong base to punch from! The moment your feet come off the ground you any chance for increasing punching power because your body is no longer behind your punches!

Over Extending – Learn how to stay within your striking range in order to land the perfect punch. Reaching or over extending your punches will not only hinder your power output but it will leave you open for counters as well.

Trying Too Hard – It’s happened to me before in fights and I’m sure it’s happened to you. When you try too hard to knock someone out you tend to stiffen up and waste energy in your punches. Relax. The more calm you stay under pressure the easier it is to land the perfect knock out punch!

Not Knowing Your Tendencies – Video tape yourself and see if you have any tendencies that allow your opponent to see when a hard punch is coming. Like in poker, everyone has tells that give away certain parts of your game. Do you know your tells?

Single Punches – You most likely won’t be able to end a fight by throwing and landing one solid, hard punch. Chances are if you throw combinations and set up your power punches you will be much more likely to land the perfect punch!

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