How To Parry The Teep – Muay Thai Video Tutorial

Counter Techniques To The Muay Thai Teep

If you don’t know how to parry or counter the teep it can be a very frustrating strike to deal with. Being teeped in the sternum hurts more than most people think and it can be difficult to avoid being hit  if you’re not sure how to counter the teep. Try these parrying techniques the next time you deal with someone who is constantly throwing the teep at you.

There are a few key concepts to take away from these muay thai counter techniques:

  1. Move While You Parry – Don’t count on just the parry to avoid the teep! Try to simultaneously use your footwork while you parry the front kick to ensure you avoid being hit AND so you have a better angle for your counter attack.
  2. Be Wary Of The Fake Teep – If you are consistently parrying your opponents teeps using the same counter techniques, it’s very possible that your opponent may catch on and use it to his/her advantage.
  3. Counter Quickly – Once you parry and avoid the teep, make sure to counter with a roundhouse kick quickly before your opponent is able to reset and defend your counter attack.

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