how to throw a muay thai low kick

How To Throw a Muay Thai Low Kick

The Basics of a Muay Thai Low Kick

It wasn’t until “The Fight That Changed History” where the muay thai low kick was seen as an incredibly effective and damaging weapon.

When there were no low kicks allowed, kick boxers could bounce around and not worry about having their legs chopped down. Now that 100% of muay thai fighters and kick boxers utilize the low kick, it’s important to know how to throw the muay thai low kick properly to maximize damage and limit the chances of having it blocked or counters.

Muay Thai Low Kick Basics

A few key tips about the basics on how to throw a muay thai low kick.

  • Kick with your shin. Not your foot! If you end throwing a low kick with your foot and you have it checked by your opponents knee or shin, chances are you will do some serious damage to your foot and possibly even break it.
  • Keep a defense. Just because you’re low kicking doesn’t mean you can forget about your defense. Make sure you use one of the three (or all three) defenses shown in the video when throwing a low kick.
  • Set up your low kick. You can’t just go around throwing the low kick with reckless abandon! You need to set it up with one of these 6 Low Kick Setups.
  • Drill it over and over. In order to perfect (or at least get close to perfecting) the low kick, you need to try drills like this low kick drill to maximize your power and sharpen your technique.

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