Muay Thai Pad Work Basics – How To Hold Thai Pads

Muay Thai Tips – Key Fundamentals To Holding Thai Pads

Hitting pads with crisp Muay Thai technique is one thing, but learning how to hold the Thai pads is a whole other art form in itself.

Many of the great Muay Thai trainers make pad holding look so effortless and easy… and it’s not. But you know what’s even crazier? It’s when pad holders are able to do “freestyle” or free-flowing pad work where the fighter can throw whatever they want and the pad holder is able every strike. But I’m getting way ahead of myself.

If you want to be a good trainer or training partner, you NEED to learn at least the basics of Muay Thai pad work. When you take Muay Thai classes chances are you’re going to be splitting time between hitting and holding the pads, so you might as well get good at both while you’re at it!

In this video tutorial, former USTMA Champ Chris Clodfelter of Eight Points Muay Thai Gym talks us through some of the key points of holding the Thai pads and shows us the proper positioning as well.

Muay Thai Pad Work Basics – How To Hold Thai Pads

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