How To Escape A Caught Kick | Muay Thai Defense Technique

What To Do When Your Kick Is Caught

Fighting is an art of control. The goal in the ring or street is to exercise control over your opponent, while the goal outside of fighting is to exercise control over yourself.

Getting your leg tangled up by someone else can be nasty business. When your opponent has your leg, that means he just about has control of your entire body.

However, you can look at this situation in the inverse and think that you’ve got both of his arms instead of him having your leg. Not a bad perspective, a positive one, but also not hopelessly optimistic. Why? Because we’re going to use the opponent’s tactics against him.

When the opponent catches your leg, you can be damn sure he’s going to try and get funky. He may try to pull you in, sweep you, push you around, etc.

With the thought that he’s going to use your leg against you, we’re going to use his thoughts against him. How? By taking away his advantage and escaping.

How To Escape A Caught Kick | Muay Thai Defense Technique

First things first, your kicks shouldn’t be getting caught. If they are, then, well…something might need changing. The approach that you use may have become predictable. Then in what way shall we remedy this?

Broken rhythm.

It’s a phrase synonymous with unpredictability, and unpredictability is a word synonymous with…knockouts.

Broken Rhythm Low Kick Technique | Advanced Muay Thai Setup

Speaking of unpredictability…Raymond Daniels and his flair. This fight is a masterclass in the use of set ups, that is assuming you know what lens to look through.

Today we’re looking through the lens of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown. Keep your eyes peeled…there’s a lot that is going under the radar that you may not notice. But you can rest assured that Lawrence Kenshin will bring it to your vision.

Epic Glory Moments: “Knockout of the Century” ‒ Raymond Daniels | Lawrence Kenshin

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