Heavy Bag Defensive Drill For Muay Thai

How To Work A Simple Defensive Technique On The Heavy Bag

If you’ve read Jack Slack’s Elementary Striking, you know that each combination or strike should consist of three stages: pre-entry, entry, and exit.

Each stage builds upon the next; therefore, in the same way that neglecting an outline kills writing, so does forgetting a stage increase the price you pay for mistakes. Forget to set up your entry with a pre-entry? You’ll get caught moving in. Forget to reset your stance after a combination? You’ll leave yourself at the mercy of your opponent. Neither is a pleasant place to

Neither is a pleasant place to be. The importance of resetting your stance should never be neglected. You’ve not finished a combination until you’re back in your stance. Could Columbus say that he discovered America if he parked the Mayflower in the middle of the Atlantic ocean? Nope. In the same way that you haven’t arrived at a destination until your car is parked, your combination isn’t finished until you’ve returned to the safe keeping of your on-guard position.

Heavy Bag Defensive Drill For Muay Thai

Defense is the great enabler of offense. If you lack a defense, you will be exposed. For instance, even if you land a combination and neglected returning to your stance, the opportunity for you getting knocked out still exists; in fact, the opportunity for you getting knocked out may be even greater. You may have thought you just have your opponent a lethal injection, but you actually gave them steroids.

Muay Thai Defensive Drill | The Shield Block Technique

What’s a man to do if he loves punching people and sometimes forgets to return to his stance? Well, we’ll let you punch people. Why? Because of the magic of the left hook. The left hook can act as a reminder and also a way for you to return back to your stance. Let’s take a peek at it from the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

Buakaw Breakdown: Left Hook & Right Kick


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