3 “Tricky” Muay Thai Head Kick KO Techniques

How To Set Up And Land Head Kicks

The head kick knockout is the highlight of all highlights, but how many accomplish this feat? Sure, it’s no Mount Everest, but the climb is no less difficult. To land high kicks at will like Mirko Cro Cop can be tricky. Why? Because that man has horse legs and freaky Jean-Claude Van Damme “do splits on two chairs with ease” flexibility.

However, you don’t need Cro Cop legs or superhuman flexibility to land head kick knockouts at will. In this post we’re going to assume you’re working with just enough flexibility to kick someone in the head, but not freakish hip flexibility that allows you to teep Yao-Ming in the face.

It’s not that such feats aren’t possible, they simply aren’t as applicable to the masses. The aim of this post is to provide the blueprint to landing headkicks, and to show you that you don’t need to be superhuman to accomplish superhuman feats, you just need the right tools.

I present to you, the three tools for your opponent’s destruction and your joy. Let your pleasure outweigh his pain.

3 Tricky Head Kick KO Techniques

Let’s think back to Mirko Cro Cop. He fights as a southpaw, and as such, most of his headkicks, if not all, are landed with his left leg. The southpaw has an inherent advantage because the right side of all orthodox fighters, the southpaw’s left, are open to attack (especially kicks).

How then, shall a orthodox fighter mimic this advantage? By the switch kick.

Muay Thai Switch Kick Drill Against Punchers

We’ve got tips aplenty here at Muay Thai Guy. Should you run out of the aforementioned tricks…hold onto your butts, because we’ve got 4 more.

Remember that each technique presented is based on deception in some form. Learn to deceive and you’ll learn to land strikes at will. Become a master if trickery and you’ll become a master of…kickery? Well, you’ll essentially have superhuman head kicking abilities.

Now, without further ado…let me hand this off to Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Samingprai Kiatphontip: 4 Effective Kicking Tricks

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