HEAD Kick KO Setup

High-Percentage Combination Leads To Head Kick KO

Everyone dreams of landing a head kick KO. It is the ultimate highlight reel finish.

However, this dream is elusive, mostly because so are your opponents. But it need not be this way.

The key to the below Evolve MMA technique is balance. We’re going to take this a step further, examining how your opponent’s and your balance play into this KO technique.

Awesome Head Kick KO Setup | Evolve University


Push To Off Balance, Kick To Destroy

This is a solid combo, but we want to speed it up and add some extra flair to get the finish.

Peter Aerts is the king of head kicks (no, it’s not CroCop). Peter Aerts boasts 13 total head kick KOs (Cro Cop has 9), and the key to many was how he off balanced his opponents. It’s simple, really: off-balance your opponent, watch their hands drop to find their balance, and kick them when they’re off balance and their guard is down. This is easiest with a push. You sacrifice no balance of your own while putting your opponent in a horrible position.

Everything changes when you need a foot sweep or low kick to the equation because your balance is temporarily compromised as well. It is difficult to follow up. That’s why we must look at our own balance, which means that we must look at our stance.

After your foot sweep or low kick has landed, you must pull it back to your stance while making sure- and this is the crucial point -that you do not pull your kicking foot any further back than your lead foot. This ensures the quickest kick to take complete advantage of your opponent’s instability. Furthermore, to ensure our complete safety and our opponent’s demise, I recommend modifying the rear straight presented in the above video into a straight thrown, Andy-Ristie style, as you retract your kick.

There you have it. A low-risk, high-reward technique.

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