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Hand Speed Workout For Muay Thai

How to punch faster and increase your hand speed with these simple exercises

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Want to know how to punch faster and have more powerful, knockout punches?

Well if you’re like me you are always looking to improve your hand speed, explosiveness and power. I always want to try to increase my punching speed, power and overall conditioning for Muay Thai, do you?

Luckily my former boxing trainer and coach, John Nuculovic, knows his shit.

John has been in the boxing game for a long time. He has over 40 fights, has cornered well over 100 fights and trains a number of golden glove fighters (and he trains me too, which counts for something right?) He gets all the credit for showing my this awesome hand speed workout for Muay Thai and boxing.

The Philosophy Behind The Workout

This hand speed workout for Thai boxing works in increasing punch speed because it builds the explosive, fast-twitch muscle fibers you use whenever you throw a punch. Obviously the more explosive and powerful your muscles are, the more likely you will have more explosive and powerful punches (duh).


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That being said this workout can increase your hand speed if you do it consistently throughout your training camp and relative to the type of fight you are fighting

Are you fighting 3×2 minute rounds? Or 5×3?

Whatever time and number of rounds you are fighting, you should do the same in various aspects of your training including this hand speed workout. This way your muscles and entire body begin to adapt and get comfortable with the same amount of time you’ll be fighting at.

IMPORTANT: Doing this one workout alone a couple times a week is not the secret key to increasing your hand speed. Mixing up your workouts and training routines is essential to seeing any type of improvement.

That being said a scientific research suggest that “Performing exercises (punching) in heavier than competition, then competition like, and then lighter conditions” is the most effective and proven way to increase total punching force, average punching force and frequency of punches... so keep that in mind.

Make sure you are still doing regular pad work and shadowboxing otherwise you won’t see the results in your hand speed that you were hoping for.

My Hand Speed Workout For Muay Thai

This boxing hand speed workout involves several basic exercises with anywhere from a 1lb and 3lbs weight. Yes, these weights seem like little bitch weights, but you’ll feel like a little bitch after doing this light hand weight workout, trust me. This is what my typical workout for hand speed loks like:

5×2 minute rounds, 30 second break.

During the rounds I’m switching between exercises every 15 seconds. The exercises to help increase my hand speed are:

  • chest flys
  • lateral raises
  • alternating shoulder presses
  • hammer curls/uppercuts
  • straight punches
  • alternating bent over rows
  • arm circles forwards and backwards

When I do the 2 minute rounds I don’t have any plans on what exercises I’m going to do, I just wing it and choose the exercise on the fly. I usually alternating between push and pull but sometimes I just doing whatever comes to mind.

Here’s a short demo of what 1 set of the Muay Thai hand speed workout looks like:

Besides improving your hand speed, it will also improve your cardio and develop your shoulder and back strength so you are able to keep your hands up longer. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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