GRINDING Builds Work Ethic


As part of our continuing theme of connecting martial arts to ideas of self-improvement, today we explore two traits you will develop through training in martial arts: an uncompromising work ethic and positivity.

At first thought, these seem to be contrary ideas — fighting vs. positivity. To the untrained eye, perhaps fighting does seem the opposite of positive, as it inflicts damage and causes destruction.

The truth is that the outer damage caused by fighting is minute compared to the enormous self-development taking place on the inside. Fighting changes lives for the better. Fighting makes a human being stronger, wiser, and overall superior to the person they were before finding the sport.

Here is how martial arts changed the life of one man, courtesy of our friends atĀ Evolve MMA:



Almost every training session in your gym will be a brutal and exhausting grind.

Why? Because this is martialĀ arts. You don’t “play” fighting. We can play basketball, we can play football, we can play pool. But fighting is fighting. You will struggle in a fight, so that is why you must grind it out.

“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.”

This instills in you the ability to push yourself beyond your limits. If you’re constantly exceeding your limits, then where are you going to go? Pretty damn far. Martial arts will instill yourself the will to push beyond your limits. Once you get into the habit of doing it in the gym, you will no doubt start doing it in life. The work ethic will transfer.

Now, let’s chat positivity. How does positivity play into this? This is “martial” arts, after all. What’s happy about fighting?

Well, what’s better in life than knowing that you have an unstoppable work ethic? Will you not then view every problem positively because you know that you have the solution? What a work ethic provides is a master key to all problems.

Whatever problem you may face in life, be it an opponent in the gym or an obstacle in daily living, your work ethic will allow you to chop at it forever and ever. Keep swinging and you will win.

“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”


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