GLORY Champ Tiffany Van Soest’s Warm Up Routine

Glory Kickboxing and Muay Thai World Champion Tiffany van Soest’s Warm Up

There’s no such thing as a good workout without a good warm up. However, what is a good warm up?

Most people think of warm up as exercise to get blood flowing. Jogging around the gym can be a simple way to warm up. However, just getting “warmed up” is totally different from optimizing yourself for training. Picture an olympic weightlifter or a powerlifter rolling themselves out on foam rollers. They’re not rolling muscles out just to get the blood flowing; they’re rolling muscles out to get rid of tightness in certain areas so that they better perform their sport movements (snatch and clean & jerk for the weightlifter, squat, bench press, and deadlift for the powerlifter).

In short, the better and more specific the warm up is to your sport, the better your workout will be. A good warm-up primes your body for training. Now, you don’t have to dig through anatomy textbooks or search for the best physical therapists money can buy. Not at all. The work has been done for you:

Warm ups can be complex, but sometimes the best warm up is simply a lighter version of your workout. How does a powerlifting champion warm up for a bench press? By doing bench press. How does an NBA championship team warm up for basketball? Team drills and shooting hoops. How, then, does a fighter warm up? A little bit of fighting:

Pad Workout For Punching Endurance

Two of the most important places to warm up are your shoulders and hips. Injuries to shoulders and hips are catastrophic and will put you out for a long while with nothing to do. The above video is a great way to warm up the shoulders, and the below video is a great way to warm up the hips.

Both videos are sport specific and they will gear you up for a nice training session. You’ve got the good warm up. Now go get the good workout.

Muay Thai Heavy Bag Drill: Switch Kick to Switch Knee

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