GLORY 55 descended on Madison Square Garden on July 20. Fans were treated to an evening of stellar fights – all of which resident MTG photog Walt Zink caught on camera. . .


Last Friday evening, Madison Square Garden once again played host to GLORY, this time for GLORY Kickboxing 55. This marked the first time the event had been at the world famous arena since December 2017, and it did not disappoint with action. Two titles were on the line on the main card with some fan favorites highlighting the Super Fight series.

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MAIN EVENT: Alex Pereira vs. Yousri Belgaroui

The first round KO came by a well-placed right hook that left Belgaroui out cold. Pereira would retain his middleweight title with the win.

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FIGHT #9: Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao vs. Kevin VanNostrand

VanNostrand liked his chances coming into this fight. He felt confident in his abilities against a Thai fighter nicknamed “The Professor.” Twice Petch was docked a point for his actions yet still dominated in all but one round. He would earn a split decision against VanNostrand and earn himself a rematch with Robin van Roosmalen.


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FIGHT #8: Junior Tafa vs. Anthony McDonald

This bout ended almost as quickly as it began! McDonald looked slow and fairly sloppy, and Tafa took full advantage to gain a TKO victory in the very first round.


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FIGHT #7: Victor Pinto vs. Nate Richardson

Pinto had a hard time keeping Richardson at bay. Richardson continually moved forward and worked hard to end the fight with his boxing, all of this despite Pinto landing some vicious kicks on Richardson. This fight would go the distance and Pinto would take the win by split decision.


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FIGHT #6: Elvis Gashi vs. Nick Chasteen

Gashi was putting his perfect record on the line yet again. Chasteen – nicknamed “the Golden Boy” – showed great Muay Thai technique, but he had no solution for Gashi’s aggressive style. Gashi used precision striking to help earn the unanimous decision. Could a title shot be in the future for him?


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FIGHT #5: Cedric Doumbe vs. Alan Scheinson

Frenchman Doumbe controlled this fight from the opening bell. By the second round, Scheinson was barely able to counter anything Doumbe was throwing and the fight was mercifully ended, giving Doumbe his seventh win in GLORY.

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FIGHT #4: Tiffany van Soest vs. Sofia Olofsson

Olofsson was making her GLORY debut. Van Soest was looking to rebound from her loss to Anissa Meksen and work towards a rematch for the title belt. It was one of the more competitive and entertaining fights of the night. Both displayed excellent technique but this one would ultimately be left to the judges. Van Soest would take the win by split decision in a fight that could have gone either way.


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FIGHT #3: Itay Gershon vs. Trevor Ragin

Gershon is considered one of Israel’s top strikers and this was on display against American Trevor Ragin. Gershon landed a devastating left on Ragin in the first round and continuted peppering him with hard kicks and strikes throughout the bout. The fact that Ragin was able to stand after a couple of the shots he took was amazing. This one ended just barely into the second round, giving Gershon the win.


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FIGHT #2: Asa Ten Pow vs. Justin Greskiewicz

Ten Pow has made noise over the last couple years in the Muay Thai community and got a shot to display his talents on the big stage in New York City. He easily dispatched Greskiewicz in the last seconds of the first round by using his speed and precision striking. Constant liver shots made sure that this bout wasn’t left to the judges.


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FIGHT #1: Jacob Rodriguez vs. Joe Taylor

The first fight of the night was one of the more entertaining ones. These two slugged it out for three rounds and went to the judges’ scoring. Taylor is a fan favorite but Rodriguez simply had an answer for everything thrown at him. A balanced attack meant a unanimous decision for Rodriguez in his GLORY debut.

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