glory 12 nyc fight video highlights

Glory 12 NYC Video Highlights

Overview And Fight Video Highlights From Glory 12 NYC

Glory 12 NYC hosted a crazy night of upsets, knockouts and epic fights that I’m still in shock from. With the undercard being loaded with brutal KO’s and the main card on Spike TV hosting some of the biggest upsets in kickboxing history, it’s hard to to argue against Glory kickboxing being the next big thing in combat sports.

Glory 12 NYC Fight Video Highlights

Seeing Giorgio Petrosyan get knocked out by Andy Ristie was one of the most unreal things I’ve seen in any sport, let alone kickboxing. Everyone in the crowd literally had their jaws dropped once Petrosyan was unable to answer the count. It’s only right that Andy Risite ended up winning the tournament by beating the #1 ranked Glory fighter, Robin Van Roosmalen… what a crazy story line.

Not only that, but I’ve been fortunate enough to spar and train with Wayne Barrett, who shocked the world with his unanimous decision win against Glory middleweight tournament champion, Joe Schilling. In my opinion, Barrett vs. Schilling was fight of the night with both fighters landing solid strikes and getting knocked down.

It was hard to pick sides since I’m a big fan of both fighters. Joe Schilling being one of the fighters I first followed when I got into muay thai, but with Barrett being from NYC and the fact that I was able to train with him made me slightly favor him.

Knowing that I fought on the same stage as some of the highest profile fighters in the sport is unreal. It motivates me to continue on with my fight career so one day I’ll be on the same card as guys like Giorgio Petrosyan, Robin Van Roosmalen, Andy Ristie, Wayne Barrett and Joe Schilling.

I’m already jacked up and ready to go for Glory 13 Tokyo, and it’s only been a few days since Glory 12 NYC! I’m convinced that this sport and promotion is the big thing. Do you agree?

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