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Live Play-By-Play For The Glory 12 NYC Fight Card in NYC

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Where: The Theater At Madison Square Garden
When: November 23rd, 2013. Live coverage starts @ 9pm ET.
How To Watch:
US Audience: Spike TV (check your local listings)
International Audience:

I’m fucking pumped!!!

Glory 12 here in NYC at Madison Square Garden is going to be epic. I’ll be sitting in press row giving you live play by play through my twitter (@Muay_Thai_Guy) and here on my blog. Keep coming back for instant results from the Glory lightweight tournament and all the fights on the Spike TV card.

My Fight Predictions

To make things a little more interesting and have some fun with the fights, I figured I’ll take my best guess at the outcomes of the fights. Below is the televised fight card and the fighter with the underlined name is my pick for that match-up. For the Lightweight tournament, to no surprise, I’m going with Giorgio Petrosyan. Can’t wait to see what happens!

Update: Holy shit, Petrosyan got KO’ed in the 3rd round by Ristie… that was crazy.

Televised Fight Card:

LW Tournament Finals: Andy Ristie def Robin Van Roosmalen via KO round 2.

Risite uses his reach very well with his long punches and kicks while Van Roosmalen looks a little flat footed due to Ristie’s style. Ristie’s constant pressure and hard knes seem to be giving Van Roosmalen trouble. Last 10 seconds Ristie pushes forward and lands a clean hook to send Van Roosmalen down for an 8 count. Round 1 to Ristie.

Round 2 looks no different, with Ristie continueing to push forward and land hard shots on Van Roosmalen until he finished him off with a KO! Crazy shit!

Main Event: Wayne Barrett def. Joe Schilling via unanimous decision (28-26, 28-26, 28-26)

wayne barrett vs joe schilling glory 12A feeling out process in the first minute, then Barrett lands some solid hands on Joe. With about 30 seconds left Joe puts his hands down and waves Wayne in, which the crowd didn’t like. Barrett won the round with better hands.

Joe comes out looking to take the center of the ring but Wayne drops him with a hard hook. Joe Schilling survives for awhile but Wayne catches him again at the end of Round 2 for another 8 count. The crowd is going nuts!

Barrett is swinging for the fences while Joe is looking for the KO. Wayne gets caught with a hard knee that sends him flying to the canvas! Barrett takes his time to recover and gets up to finish the round strong, but probably lost the round. I see the fight 28-26.

Co Main Event: Ben Edwards def. Jamal Ben Saddik via KO in round 3.

Ben Edwards is consistently moving forward but not really landing anything solid, and Saddik is landing some solid counters while moving backwards. Nothing too significant happening in the first round, but I’d have to give it to  Saddik.

Both fighters have solid defense so not many shots are getting through, although Ben Edwards does have a cut on his face and is bleeding from one of Saddik’s strikes. Another relatively uneventful round, but I think I would give this to Saddik too.

More of the same in round 3 with Ben Eswards moving forward but Saddik landing the cleaner counter strikes. As I say that, Ben Edwards starts to land some hard punches to Saddik’s head that looks to hurt him. Saddik is getting hammered over and over again until he finally gets dropped after being out on his feet for what seemed like a majority of the round. Edwards wins via 3rd round KO.

LW Tournament Reserve Bout: Ky Hollenbeck def Warren Stevelmans via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Ky Hollencbeck came out the aggressor and pushed Stevelmans around. Stevelmans didn’t like that much, so he started returning some hard low kicks to Ky’s legs. Hollenbeck was constantly putting pressure on him and landing the more significant strikes. 1st round to Hollenbeck.

Stevelman comes out hard rocking Ky with a few hard shots. Ky recovers and lands a spinning back elbow before both falling to the ground. Both guys exchange sweeps (which are illegal) and get warned by the ref. Hollenbeck continues to push forward and is forcing Stevelmans to react to him. Hollenbeck lands another spinning back fist followed by a knee that dazes Stevelmans, which results in an 8 count. Round 2 to Hollenbeck.

Round 3 Hollenbeck comes out putting more pressure on but gets caught rushing in. Ky recovers and begins putting pressure back on Stevelmans. More back and forth action in round 3 but it looks to me that Hollenbeck is constantly moving forward and landing the more significant shots. Round 3 to Hollenbeck.

LW Tournament Round 1: Andy Ristie def Giorgio Petrosyan via 3rd round TKO (hook)

andy ristie ko giorgio petrosyanA slow start like most Petrosyan’s fights, but Ristie catches Petrosyan early and is looking comfortable standing toe to toe with the doctor. Girogio calms the pace a bit and starts to pick his shots a little more, but Ristie still is able to catch Petrosyan with a few clean shots. Hard round to score, could’ve went either way.

After a wild exchange, Ristie catches Petrosyan with a solid knee in the corner before the ref breaks them up. Ristie stats telegraphing some of his shots and Petrosyan uses his slick counter skills to connect with a few solid strikes. Petroyan is so hard to hit and it looks like Ristie may be fatiguing a little bit. The more technical fighter, Petrosyan landed the more effective strikes and mae Ristie miss a ton. Round 2 to Petrosyan.

Ristie comes out swinging trying to make it a brawl and lands a solid shot on Petrosyan. Seconds later Petrosyan goes down from a left uppercut by Ristie and gets counted out by the ref. Crazy shit! The pressure and recklessness of Ristie gets him the win via KO round 3.

LW Tournament Round 1: Robin Van Roosmalen def Davit Kiria via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

1st round starts with a feeling out process but both fighters are doing great jobs with finishing their punch combos with their kicks. Back and forth action with both guys landing solid combinations that leave both with marks on their bodies. 1st round is too close to call, but both fighters look strong and composed.

Van Roosmalen starting to land the crisper strikes (especially to the body) and breaks through Kiria’s guard with some power punches. Kiria seems to be having trouble with Van Roosmalen’s defense. Kiria starts together creative with a crescent kick and a spinning jump kick, but this round goes to Van Roosmalen.

Van Roosmalen starting to pick up the pace and lands some solid low kicks to Kiria’s lead leg. Van Roosmalen’s defense is clearly frustrating Kiria, but Kiria still keeps trying to land although nothing is really getting through. 3rd round goes to Van Roosmalen in my eyes.

Non-Televised Undercard

Artem Vakhitov  def. Nenad Pagonis via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

The main super fight of the night starts off with a relatively slow pace in round 1. If I were to guess Nenad landed crisper counter punches so he probably took the first.

Round 2 they start to open up a little bit more with Vakhitov beind the aggressor, but Pagnis is landing some solid counters. There weren’t too many significant strikes landed so I think Vakhitov’s aggression won him this round by constantly moving forward.

3rd round wasn’t much different than the first two, so it was really anyone’s fight to win, but Artem Vakhitov’s aggression earned him a unanimous decision victory.

Brian Collette def. Warren Thompson via head kick KO in round 1.

A wicked head kick that came out of nowhere put Warren Thompsan down hard to give Brian Collette a badass first round KO.

Jhonata Diniz def. Igor Jurkovic via TKO (3 knockdown rule) in round 1.

These two start off swinging HARD and Diniz drops Jurkovic not once but twice in the matter of seconds. Jurkovic goes into survival mode but ends up getting dropped a 3rd time causing the ref to stop the fight.

Francois Ambang  def. Eddie Walker via TKO (leg kicks) in round 3.

Both fighters exchange leg kicks early on with Ambang landing the more noticble ones to Walker’s lead leg. After a few more exchanges Ambang catches Walkers with a hand combination that puts Eddie down. End of the round AMbang lands some more hard low kicks that hurts Eddie. Round 1 easily to Ambang.

Round 2 starts off quickly with Ambang landing some more leg kicks that puts Walker down for another 8 count. A few exchanges later, Walker goes down AGAIN due to the brutal leg kicks of Ambang. About 2 minutes into the round Walker takes a front kick to the groin low blow and takes his time to recover, but he did and ended up surviing the round.

Eddie’s toughness is unreal, but there was way too many hard leg kicks by Ambang leading to a TKO stoppage due to leg kicks.

Saulo Cavaleri def. Mourad Bouzidi by brutal overhand right KO in round 1.

Saulo was landing the harder shots early on in the round and before you knew it, he landed a crisp overhand right to the temple of Mourad Bouzidi that put him out COLD. Bouzidi got up on his on power after a couple minutes laying still on the canvas, was good to see him get up on his own power after that brutal knockout.

Thiago Michel Silva def. Paul Marfot via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Pretty uneventful fight all around, but Thiago did land the only shots that stunned Marfot. Could’ve went either way but I think Thiago’s aggression won the fight.

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