FRIDAY FIGHTS: Triple Right Cross KO

Analysis of Manasak’s Triple Right Cross KO

Smart strategy is about employing your advantages and exploiting your opponent’s disadvantages.

In chess, trading pieces when you’re losing is like adding fuel to the fire right before you jump into it. In fighting, trading punches when you’re being rocked is the same as trading pieces. In an attempt to regain ground, you multiply your losses. Like a gambler who stubbornly places bigger bets after each loss, hoping that one big score will be enough to win his money back.

When Georges St. Pierre was rocked by Matt Serra, he, like the gambler, stubbornly refused to back down. Georges went from being rocked to being unconscious in a matter of seconds.

However, when Georges was knocked down by a head kick from Carlos Condit, he took the time to regroup. He took the kick, fell to the ground and placed all his efforts on trapping Condit’s limbs.

Think back to when Floyd Mayweather was rocked by Shane Mosley. Mayweather immediately clinched Mosley’s right arm and would not let go. Mosley tried to wrench his arm free, but Mayweather would not budge.

Remember: regroup.

Let the people of Evolve MMA and Muay Ties show you what happens when you fight when rocked:



“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” as Benjamin Franklin wrote.

In fighting, defense is both cure and prevention. When you’re rocked as Mayweather or St. Pierre were, good defense helps you regroup. You will use a strong pairing of defense and offense to nullify and prevent your opponent’s attack entirely.

Check out the video below on transitioning from defense to offense:

How To Check Leg Kicks In Muay Thai and Kickboxing

In Muay Thai, the master of defense is Saenchai. Have you ever seen Saenchai get knocked out, down or even rocked? Me neither.

Have you ever seen Saenchai cut? Have you ever seen him bruised, beaten or bloodied? Nope — me neither.

How does the master defend himself so well? I’ll let the master of fight analysis, Lawrence Kenshin, explain it:


#1 P4P Champion vs. #2 P4P Champion in Muay Thai – Strategy Analysis

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