How To Freestyle Pad Work Techniques: Trigger Moves

Trigger Moves and Techniques For Freestyle Pad Work

Freestyling and flowing on the pads is one of my favorite things to do.

That being said, it is NOT easy to do. Being able to hit, react and move according to the tempo and rhythm of your trainer takes time, patience and a lot of practice… but there are certain pad work techniques and triggers you can use to learn the beginnings of how to do freestyle pad work for Muay Thai.

In this video, Nak Muay Nation pro fighter D.J. Miller shows some basic freestyle pad work moves that you can implement right away into your training sessions. Give them a try and start flowing more fluidly during your pad sessions!

How To Freestyle Pad Work Techniques: Trigger Moves

Of course none of this can be done if you don’t know the essential basics of holding pads for Muay Thai.

Knowing how to properly hold pads for roundhouses, elbows, punches and knees is crucial to having productive, intense training sessions without having to worry about injuries. Take some notes from Kru Chris Clodfelter and make sure you know the fundamentals of holding the Thai pads:

Muay Thai Pad Work Basics – How To Hold Thai Pads

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