Friday Night Fights Preview 12/13: Christian Mauceri vs. Deshawn Robinson

On December 13th, 2013, Chris Mauceri (Black & Blue MMA) will go head-to-head with Deshawn Robinson (America’s Finest Kickboxing) in professional, full-rules muay thai at The Modern (537 West 27th Street). These nak muays were supposed to do the dance on October 4th of this year, but their bout was rescheduled for December 13th.

Chris Mauceri

What is Mauceri’s greatest strength? You would have to ask him or his coach for the answer, but my take is that he is terrifically well-rounded. He punches in combos. He throws leg and head kicks. He clinches well with knees and ‘bows. He teeps – going forward and on his back foot. Finally, he can pull it all together while marching forward towards you without missing a beat. Check out Mauceri’s fight with the technical and extremely tough Tim Schmeier at Take On’s Muay Thai at the Mecca.

Deshawn Robinson is more of a puncher than Schmeier, so it may be more challenging for Chris to constantly march forward against Robinson.

Who could forget the elbow war between Mauceri and Jay Matias at The Warriors Cup in September 2012? Although Matias was landing stinging switch kicks and penetrating knees in the clinch, Mauceri kept coming forward and stopped Jay in the 2nd round by a cut via elbow. Though cut stoppage is not always a favored means of victory – a W is a W – especially when it is against an opponent like Jay Matias.

Deshawn Robinson

Fighting from southpaw or orthodox, Robinson has an easily distinguishable, unconventional style that is not often seen in muay thai. He sits down in his punches like a boxer and has heavy, heavy hands. After a majority draw against Sean Hinds in March 2012, Robinson knocked out Hinds with a left cross to the chin in round 1 in a rematch five months later.  Robinson’s hands are not his only asset – he’ll throw leg kicks and be scrappy in the clinch. Opponents also need to acclimate themselves to his length.

Here is Hinds vs. Robinson 1 – the majority draw.

To get a sense of Robinson’s movement and hands, check out his fight against Liam Tarrant from January of this year.  He buckles Tarrant’s knees with a right-left-right at 1:29 (note: Tarrant did come back and win a judges’ decision despite a 10-7 round 1).

Final Thoughts

Robinson is especially dangerous in round 1 when his punches have the most zing and he moves lightly on his feet (see Hinds 2 and Tarrant). If Mauceri can weather the storm, Chris should have the advantage as the fight moves to the later rounds where leg kicks and clinch work start to wear on Robinson (Bello used leg kicks well against Robinson when they fought earlier this year).

Pick your winner here and leave a comment with your thoughts on the fight.

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