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In recent articles here at Muay Thai Guy, we’ve looked at how martial arts can change the life of a part-time athlete. Today, we’re going to look at how martial arts has changed the life of a full-time athlete and fighter from Evolve MMA, Amir Khan.

What martial arts gave Amir Khan, above all else, is confidence. This is a trait many develop when they become proficient at fighting. What could possibly give you more confidence than knowing you can defend yourself and wreck any bull that steps your way, right? Being lethal will do that.

Now standing on a 6-fight winning streak, Amir Khan is as lethal and confident as ever, but we’re not going to look at his glory. We’re going to look, in the Evolve MMA video below, at his humble beginnings and entry into martial arts.



What you conquer in the gym teaches you about what you can conquer in life.

When you step into a gym, you do things you never think you could have done. You learn that you can actually defend yourself against a person who’s much bigger and stronger than you, that you can push yourself further than you ever thought you could, and how to plan and strategize. Once you step out the gym, you will take these newfound boundaries and this new mindset, and apply it to the rest of your life, as Amir clearly has.

But, of course, you must step into the gym in order to find these new perspectives. This will be a difficult task. It is always nerve-wracking to step into a new environment, whether that’s a new job or a gym. That anxiety shrinks quickly over just your first handful of sessions. Push through the initial fear, tolerating it just for a brief time, and you will find opportunity where fear once was.

If you are not in a gym and are hesitant to join, keep Amir Khan in mind. Where would he have been if he gave in to fear? To the bullying? To inner voices telling him to quit? Take the plunge and make a positive transformation in your life today.

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