Fighting Solves Everything

Who said fists, don’t fix problems?


Remember back in our younger days in school, whenever we got into a confrontation that had the  potential of becoming a physical altercation? If you did, then surely you would remember your teachers saying, “Fighting doesn’t solve anything!

Oh, the good ol’ days! As children we abided to the idea of fighting not being the answer.

Did we really take it seriously? We were given tips on how to handle confrontations such as reporting certain behaviors to an adult or simply just ignoring them and walking away. I feel these ‘instructions’ are one of the many causes of bullying in our societies today.

Why is there a fixation on fighting not being able to solve problems? I can understand the intent to not promote violence; but what do you find more violent? A kid standing up for himself and knocking out a bullies teeth or that same kid taking in emotional damage and corruption from being bullied that will eventually lead to a vengeful eruption or suicide?

I myself, was a victim of school bullying and it developed into having no confidence and low self esteem. I found Muay Thai around the year of 2008 after graduating high school. Muay Thai changed me – the way I look, the way I feel about myself and the way I perceive things.

Had I found Muay Thai in my high school days, I probably would have enjoyed those days a lot better.

I look back at my younger days with the strength I posses now and cannot help but to shake my head in disappointment. The fact that I feared back then, what I laugh at today baffles me. My first child will not be a victim of bullying, he/she will be a regulator of it. My child will learn Muay Thai as early as he/she can walk.

Fights will be fought and bullies will be dealt with. There will be no ‘telling the teacher’ there will be no walking away. One chance of diplomacy will be offered, if refused then war will ensue. As a martial artist, violence and fighting should always be our last response. We are walking weapons.

Unfortunately, we live in a pretty messed up world filled with people that make the life of a peaceful martial artist, very difficult.11698951_853547191365279_3951347689215818203_o

With what we watch on TV in Combat Sports or even some videos from World Star Hip Hop it would appear that fighting is the result in which all issues are finalized and settled. The winner and loser shake hands and part ways as the disagreement and conflict instantly dissipates.

What is it about fighting that “squashes the beef” so to speak?

Confrontation always measures up to who is more dominant, primarily on a physical level. So once two adversaries duke it out and then find out who is more mighty the conflict comes to an end. That way, everything is settled and no one resorts to picking up any guns.

On a more global scale to the viewing eye, seeing the act of fighting to solve confrontation is more publicized by Combat Sports.

 When and when isn’t it okay to solve issues with fighting?

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DJ Miller
DJ Miller is a naky muay from Nashville, TN. He began his Muay Thai training in 2008 and accumulated more than 30 amateur fights before turning pro. "Martial arts is in my blood," says Miller. "My father is a third degree black belt in Taekwondo.., I love the experiences that Muay Thai has given me and I love sharing my thoughts what's going on in the Muay Thai world with everyone."

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