Fighting At 60 Years Old: The Muay Thai Guys Chat With Coach Jeff Smith

The Muay Thai Guys Podcast – Episode 53

At 60 years old, Coach Jeff Smith is preparing for his boxing tournament in early 2017.

At 60 years old, Coach Jeff Smith is preparing for his boxing tournament in early 2017.

One of the “age old” questions when it comes to fighting is, how old is TOO old? 

This is by far one of the most common questions I receive in my inbox. And you know what’s funny? I’ve had people from as young as 18 years old all the way to 65+ ask if it’s “too late” to start training Muay Thai. No matter what the age, I always have the same answer, “It’s never too late to start training!”.  

Now training Muay Thai is one thing, but fighting and actually stepping in the ring to willingly get punched in the face is next level shit. That is when age becomes a real factor due to the high risk of being seriously injured.

So now the question is, how old is too old to fight? And this is exactly what we talk about in this week’s podcast with 60 year old, active boxer, Coach Jeff Smith.

At 60 years young, Coach Jeff has quite the resume when it comes to athletic competition. Besides the 100+ boxing fights and 38 Shotokan Karate full contact tournaments, Jeff also has completed over 95 marathons, 12 ultra marathons and 500 triathlons (that is fucking INSANE!). Paul and I chat with Jeff and dive deep into the mindset he has leading up to his boxing tournament in 2017. We cover things like:

  • Jeff’s competitive mindset at his age, how he was able to keep that throughout his journey in a variety of sports.
  • How age has affected him and how it’s also benefitted him in multiple ways.
  • The criticism he faces as he continues to box at 60 years old.
  • How he came across Muay Thai and his respect for the sport despite being a marathon athlete and pure boxer.
  • What type of people he surrounds himself with while he’s pursuing his athletic goals.
  • The reason why he competes in so many athletic competitions so often, and why he doesn’t plan on slowing down.
  • How he’s been doing his own podcast (The Coach Jeff Podcast) that now has over 500 episodes on topics like running, fighting, cycling, motivation and a lot more.
  • And a ton of other in-depth talks about training, fighting and life!

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