Marko Randelovic shares his extraordinary film about our ancient, legendary sport. . .


Wisarut Wat Suksiriwararak.

Marko Randelovic is a documentary filmmaker whose objective it is to make short films about different cultures, documenting their plights to preserve their own traditions. Recently he landed in Thailand, living there for a few months while making this remarkable documentary about the Art of Eight Limbs. Marko explains:

“I was living in Northern Thailand at the time, looking for stories. Of course something you can’t avoid in Thailand is Muay Thai. This martial art is heavily ingrained into the souls of the people here and you can find stadiums, gyms and promotional posters on every corner. I knew this was my story. I really wanted to get to the heart of Muay Thai though, as I’d seen how it had become a bit of a joke in some places and more of an entertainment piece for tourists in bars rather than a tradition.

Luckily when I was introduced to Wisarut Wat Suksiriwararak, I had the perfect opportunity to explore the history of Muay Thai and its deeper meaning. His story and philosophy was really passionate and it was great to hear about someone so proud of the history of their martial art.

Making this film was fun but at sometimes difficult, especially when I was filming the fighting in Chiang Mai stadium. I shoot my films by myself so I was running around the stadium trying to get as many different shots and angles as possible of one fight. By the end of the night, I felt like I’d been in a fight myself. But it was all good fun. Editing was a long process, working out how to best structure and tell the story but I feel I got there in the end (6 months of toying around in spare time). I’m looking forward to heading back to Pai in a few months, though this time I’ll head to the Muay Thai gym without my camera and let Wisarut put me through my paces!”

Watch below the final product of Marko’s dedicated filmmaking – Fighter: The Legend of a Thai Boxer.

All photos by David Miller.

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Marko Randelovic
Marko Randelovic is an award-winning filmmaker and photojournalist who documents the world. He travels nomadically, often working with charities and organisations to tell interesting cultural stories through the eyes of local people.

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