Yodlekpet, the calculating bruiser, faced off again Yosuke, the speedy kickboxer, at Sakura Burst Knockout. This is how the slower fighter beater the quicker one. . .


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This fight ended with a seriously scary stoppage.

Last month, current Rajadamnern Stadium champion Yodlekpet Or.Pitisak was flown to Japan to fight on the Sakura Burst Knockout show in Kawasaki. There, he faced Yosuke Mori, who is aptly nicknamed “Mr. Knockout.” Yosuke has over 30 fights and roughly half of them ended via KO. He has a kickboxing style when he fights: he’s fast, moves around a lot and throws a lot of hands.

Yodlekpet, also known as the “Punch Destroyer,” is a Muay Maat, a fighter whose style is characterized by its bulldozer-like quality. He stays in front of his opponent and looks for just the right shot to send him to the floor. While he does not seem anywhere as active as a kickboxing-style fighter like Yosuke, he does not pull back any of his punches, elbows or low kicks.

The pair fought on April 14th, with Yodlekpet getting the win via second round TKO. How was the slower fighter able to catch up with the faster one?

True to his bulldozing style, Yodlekpet allowed Yosuke to strike while taking a majority of the hits without blocking. He kept his hands high and stalked Yosuke, staying relatively in front of him the entire fight despite Yosuke constantly circling the ring. Yodlekpet used the first round as a “calculating” round in a very traditional Thai manner.


Yosuke rushed in with his punches and often dropped both of his hands when he punched from a distance, sometimes even lingering his final punch. This would prove to be a costly bad habit when Yodlekpet started wearing him down with inside leg kicks to deter his punch-heavy foe from wading in.

Unlike Yodlekpet, who purposely didn’t block, Yosuke just simply… doesn’t block. When Yosuke tried to dodge the kicks, his stance was compromised, with his hands down and far apart, chin up, and not in his orthodox stance.

Yosuke dances.

Yosuke launches from distance.

Yodlekpet tests the waters.

Yosuke forgets to defend.

Yodlekpet calculates.

Yosuke lingers.


Truth be told, Yodlekpet had a couple of ways to knock out Yosuke:

  • He could’ve done it with leg kicks as Yosuke’s weight was mostly on his front leg.
  • He could’ve done it with body kicks, especially being a southpaw – his left middle kick could have cracked Yosuke’s ribs or landed on the liver (added in with the fact that Yosuke barely blocked at all, this would’ve been a great method).

The only way that the “Punch Destroyer” had the least chance of success in was to engage in a boxing match full of haymakers with Yosuke.

Even as he was dropping his hands, Yosuke retained precision in his punches and head movement, even more so at a close distance. But, with speculation, it seems that Yodlekpet and his corners thought the elbow (which has scored him savage KOs previously) was the best choice in the moment because it seemed like it would’ve taken the least amount of work. Sure enough…

Yodlekpet lands a thunderous elbow. Yosuke pretends it didn’t hurt.

Yosuke came to him instead of him having to go to Yosuke. And with most elbows, the ones that do the most damage are the ones that collide with an incoming opponent, especially with a guard that’s wide apart and often low. Because it was southpaw vs orthodox, Yodlekpet only had to time the elbows and use his pressure-fighting style to land them straight down the middle.

The ref jumped in and had the on-site doctor look at the state of Yosuke. It was then deemed he was unable to continue. No surprise when you look at the state of his nose. When we say the bulldozer flattens, we mean it flattens.


The referee is merciful.

Mr. Knockout has met the Punch Destroyer.

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