Fake Teep to Elbow | Controlling and Covering Distance

How To Follow A Teep Up With Elbows And A Clinch Throw

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. However, we’re not looking to love. No, sir. We’re looking to decimate. As distance can aid relationships, they aid combat just as well. Learning how to manipulate distance is one of the most important skills to learn, for he who controls the distance, controls the fight.

Controlling distance is a skill often taught, but people seldom take deep dives into breaking down this crucial aspect of fighting. Hows about we take a closer look then? I’ll start this off by peeling off a layer.  I present to you some neat combat sleight-of-hand, opening the opponent up with a long-distance weapon and entering with a close-range weapon:

Fake Teep to Elbow | Controlling and Covering Distance

Each terrain has its own set of effective techniques. Long-distance has kicks, medium-distance has punches and kicks, and short-range has knees, elbows, punches, and some kicks. Sure you may be able to pull off a spinning hook kick in the clinch, but is it how effective will it be?

The chances of you pulling it off are slim. Therefore, let us focus on the most effective strikes of each range, and what better to start with than the elbow?

Clinch Elbow Technique | Muay Thai Elbow Strike

Talk about a master of range, a man whose evasive movement was second to none, Samart Payakaroon. Samart was a master of masters. He was tuned into the fight game like no other. When you witness his evasion, it’s as if he’s moving at normal speed and everyone else is in slow motion. His moments of brilliance are endless, but to keep this all on topic and flowing…we’re going to chat elbows.

The man is never short of brilliance, so I strongly suggest you do some digging on your own. Let’s just sit back for now and let Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns do the digging for us:

Moments of Brilliance: Samart Payakaroon’s Elbow

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