Evolve Fight Breakdown: Thai Hop to Elbow KO at Rajadamnern Stadium

Analysis of Rajasi’s Brutal Elbow KO

The jab or teep is often the beginning of many KO combinations. We’ll continue on this later.

In the finishing sequence, Rajasi uses a Thai hop to close the distance. In the prior knockdown, Rajasi used the same hop to land a horizontal lead elbow. The entry for both attacks is the same. However, the attack was not immediate for the knockdown. In the knockdown, Rajasi utilizes hand traps to clear a line of attack as he hops forward. In the finishing sequence, predicting that his opponent would have his guard up to defend against the hand traps, Rajasi uses a spear elbow to slash between his opponent’s guard.

This attack is unsuccessful. Rajasi’s opponent, Jompikart, is even able to take an angle after Rajasi’s spear elbow. When Rajasi sees this coming, he brilliantly keeps his lead arm out, the one he just elbowed with, as a frame to prevent Jompikart from attacking. Once he sees Jompikart is confused, Rajasi uses the same arm to elbow his opponent. After that…Rajasi brings the thunder with a final elbow to finish the job.

Check out the breakdown in full in the Evolve MMA and Muay Ties video below:

Rajasi’s finished wouldn’t have been possible without his Thai hop. However, his Thai hop wouldn’t have been possible without a teep. This Thai hop, utilized to perfection by Saenchai, implies a teep. Without a strong teep to threaten, the Thai hop would be no threat.

Develop a strong teep, then more brilliant techniques may follow. Such as these.

3 Fake Teep Techniques for Muay Thai

Two of the most important techniques in Muay Thai are the teep and jab. Though they may seem powerless, when chained together, the results they can bring are nothing short of incredible.

See just how much damage a teep and jab chain can do in the below video from Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Buakaw vs. Nieky Holzken: The Muay Thai Centerline Chain | Lawrence Kenshin

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