Evolve Fight Breakdown: Superman Punch KO at Lumpinee Stadium

Analysis of Denner’s Superman Punch KO

As I’ve learned from other analysis videos, articles, books, etc., the art of fighting is the art of the collision.

Catching your opponent moving in is preferable to catching them moving away. In the former’s case, even a jab can knock someone out cold. In the latter’s case, even your strongest punch could be nullified. But this creation of collision requires, above all, a calm head.

Think back to Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo in UFC 194. If McGregor did not have his calm, his counter would not even have been thrown, much less landed. Calm is often just as important as any technique in your arsenal, because it enables you to use everything you know. If you want a supreme example of calm under fire, look no further than the composure of Denner Sitbandon in this Evolve MMA breakdown.

Find it difficult to keep a cool head during fights or sparring? It certainly can be. However, what must be understood is that fighting is as much about technique as it is about temperament. Temperament, like technique, is a skill that can be developed. And this is how we develop it:

Muay Thai Mondays: How Can I Relax When Sparring?

Think McGregor is calm when he’s under attack? Then you’ve seen nothing yet. Samart Payakaroon is widely acknowledged as the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time, and this highlight shows why. Samart, however, didn’t simply stay calm under pressure. It is evident that he thrives under pressure. To Samart, adversity is not adversity…it is advantage.

When you find yourself in a calm even when storms of fist, knees, elbows, and shins are raging all around you, you will be able to paint great works of art. Now, let’s observe Samart paint his Mona Lisa in this  Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown video:

Samart Payakaroon Tribute: Welcome To The Matrix

“Train With Legends” Retreat at Evolve MMA in Singapore

The title is not an exaggeration.

Evolve MMA is the best gym in Asia, and there is no gym in the world that houses as many Muay Thai legends as Evolve MMA. Pornsanae, Sagetdao, Petchboonchu, Orono, Nong-O, Yodsanan, and more and more and more are all instructors at Evolve MMA.

Well, not just any instructors…They are your instructors. Yes. Want private clinch seminars with Petchboonchu? You got it. Want a one-on-one session with Yodsanan on boxing? You got it, too. If you want to train with legends to become one yourself,  click here or the image below to fill out the application form for updates and details.

evolve train with legends muay thai camps

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