Evolve Fight Breakdown: Spinning Back Fist KO

Analysis of Lee Fook’s Spinning Back Fist KO

It’s been used by Bas Rutten in Pancrase and Cung Le in the UFC.

The spinning back fist thrown after a missed kick is insurance. It’s like adding in head movement after finishing a combination. This extra layer of defense can be a literal life-saver.

This technique preys, as all counters do, on the opponents aggression. The opponent moves forward when they think the coast is clear, but your spinning back fist comes as an iceberg. Thus, their face crashes violently into your fist. However, this technique is not as simple as it seems. If you throw a spinning back fist and your opponent hasn’t even stepped an inch towards you, you’ve shown your cards and basically threw a portion of your offense away.

This is why you must bait. In the below video, Lee Fook cleverly waits until pushing Xavier towards the ropes before kicking. If your opponent is cornered or against a wall, he must move forward. That is the bait. That is how you draw his aggression to create a counter. For more details, observe Evolve MMA’s Fight Breakdown below:

You’ve got your insurance on missed kicks. Now, how about making sure that kick doesn’t miss? Here is a unique head kick setup taught by DJ Miller. It utilizes the basic head-body-head trick, but there is a bit more to this technique.

If you want to catch your opponent with a head kick by using a setup they’ve never seen before, do watch the below video.

Unique Southpaw Head Kick Setup For Muay Thai

Ringcraft is an art not taught enough. Movement is a key to fighting. However, movement is limited by your setting. Think Ali can still be Ali if you put him in a telephone booth? If you want to shut down your opponent and make him predictable, there is no better tool to utilize than your own environment.

If you want a more in-depth look and a real case study on how to use the ring to setup a knockout, check out the below video from Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Epic Glory Moments: “Knockout of the Century” ‒ Raymond Daniels | Lawrence Kenshin

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