Evolve Fight Breakdown: Rajadamnern Leg Kick KO

Analysis of Wanchana Or. Boonchuay’s Leg Kick KO

Wanchana’s surprise is what did it.

Let’s begin with the ending. Wanchana pre-loaded his weight onto his lead foot seconds before the knockout. However, he didn’t do this just for the sake of. The pre-load was the result of him slipping inside a right straight. As The-Lek’s right straight came, his weight loaded onto his lead foot, resulting in an inability to lift the leg and thus check the kick.

Wanchana cleverly utilized this loophole and capitalized instantly with a leg kick on that very lead leg. There are, of course, more details. How did Wanchana see the punch coming? Simple answer: the long guard.

The long guard may look silly to those who haven’t seen it in action, but rest assured that it is a measuring stick and gauge like no other. Watch the below video from Evolve MMA and pay close attention to Wanchana’s left arm. Notice where it is placed and think about how you could use it to gauge your opponent’s intentions:

The subtle manipulation of distance can get the finish quicker than the explosive power of a Mike Tyson. Look at any all time great striker in MMA, Muay Thai, or Boxing, and you will find that the masters can manipulate distance like no other.

Anderson Silva embarrassed Forrest Griffin with his flawless evasion and counter fighting in UFC 101. Conor Mcgregor cut through Eddie Alvarez like a hot broadsword-katana hybrid through butter. If you want a tool to manipulate distance, then there is no higher tool than switch-hitting:

Muay Thai Counter – Switch Stance Hook, Kick Combo

Don’t like switch hitters? No problem. Switch hitters are a tricky bunch. Even the defensive mastermind Giorgio Petrosyan was unable to solve the riddle of THE switch hitter, Andy Ristie. But there is a way, which we shall explore with Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

The Emperor of Muay Thai Countering The Switch Hitter – Namsaknoi | Lawrence Kenshin

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