Evolve Fight Breakdown: Rajadamnern Head Kick KO

Analysis of Wanchalong PK. SaenchaiMuayThaiGym’s Head Kick KO

High kicks often begin low.

We’ve all seen Mirko Cro Cop throw repeated body kicks followed by a head kick to finish the fight. The purpose of the body kicks is, of course, to condition your opponent, as much of fighting is. When a fighter is repeatedly kicked in the body, they will drop their arms and dip their body in defense as they see their opponent’s hip turns. However, counter to their expectations, a devastating shin comes banging against their noggin’ instead.

A set up must obey one simple truth, as Mirko’s head kick set ups so often do: expectations enable deception. If you cannot make you opponent predictable, they’ll remain elusive.

Now, if you want to learn how to set up a high kick with simple low kicks, check out Evolve’s fight breakdown below:

In the above video, we saw that nothing draws a low kick like a low kick. If you corner your opponent, they will probably want to push forward with a safe technique like the jab, teep, or low kick. However, if your opponent does not move forward on the bait of your low kick as you hope, this unique head kick setup taught by DJ Miller is plan B.

Unique Southpaw Head Kick Setup For Muay Thai

Angles are a fighter’s best friend, and head kick KOs are a fighter’s dreams. Buakaw, in this video, combines both.

Nothing can help you achieve your fighting goal of “hit and don’t get hit” more than angles does. We’ve seen similar techniques utilized by Carlos Condit against George St. Pierre. Carlos took an angle, dipped down, and swung his left leg over to land the head kick.

Carlos’s version was used at a long distance. However, in this  Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown, we will see how to setup and land a head kick at boxing range.

Moments of Brilliance: Buakaw’s Dominant Angle Switch-Kick | Lawrence Kenshin

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