Evolve Fight Breakdown: Overhand, Hook, and Uppercut KO at Rajadamnern Stadium

Analysis of Porsanae’s Brutal KO

Few sports get more violent than Muay Thai. Few knockouts get more violent than this one delivered by Porsanae.

Porsanae’s aggressive game can seem stupid and can be falsely categorized as a brainless “stand and bang” style. However, Porsanae’s game is far from stupid. Muay Thai is a chess game. Muay Thai is a violent “chess game where your body is on the line.”

Porsanae is a fighter who understands the game. In the video below, you will find that he performs many subtle movements that allow him to maximize the power dealt with each punch.

For the full finish, check out the Evolve MMA and Muay Ties video below:

Many fighters, I imagine, fear an opponent who will charge at them and start swinging. No one likes being put in a shooting gallery. However, this will happen from time to time. What do you do when this happens? Staples.

Imagine if you could staple your opponent’s arm to their body, wouldn’t that be great? You can. One of the simplest ways to prevent your opponent from throwing haymaker after haymaker is to kick them.

A kick is far more damaging than a punch; therefore, attention must be paid to blocking it. And what blocks kicks? Your arms. If you’re threatening with a kick, your opponent may just prefer to stay balanced than to move fully on the offensive.

Muay Thai Basic Technique: The Double Kick

In the highly technical game of chess, one must understand how to control the board. Likewise, a fighter must understand how to control the ring.

Advanced attacks have been used by many fighters to create chaos in the ring and to push their opponents towards the ropes. Conor McGregor frequently uses spinning attacks to push his opponents to the fence. To learn how to utilize these techniques, let’s look through the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Advanced Attacks in Muay Thai

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The title is not an exaggeration.

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