Evolve Fight Breakdown: Nong-O’s Uppercut KO at Lumpinee Stadium

Analysis of Nong-O’s Uppercut KO

The uppercut sneaks its way into your consciousness, and your consciousness sneaks its way out of your mind.

The uppercut is a sneaky and fair technique that slithers its way in between a fighter’s guard. It is an excellent technique to fire as you are moving backwards and your opponent is moving forward, because even if they have their guard up, the uppercut finds its mark.

Most may expect a 1-2 as you’re moving back. However, as Nong-O demonstrates in the below video, throwing an uppercut while moving backwards will certainly catch your opponent off guard.

See the technique in motion as  Nong-O rockets his opponent’s consciousness out of earth’s atmosphere and secures the win with the brilliant uppercut:

Speaking of hitting while moving backwards…

For those not experienced in hitting while moving backwards, launching an uppercut at your opponent can be like, as they say, jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. If you would prefer a safer option that will keep you out of range, look no further than the below switch-stance hook and kick combo.

The stance switch is a quick way to change the dynamic of a fight, but it can also be a quick way to get yourself into a dangerous spot. You must, therefore, be aware of the angles you’re exposing.

Muay Thai Counter – Switch Stance Hook, Kick Combo

Continuing on the theme of keeping away from your opponent, let’s look at a real David vs Goliath fight. Well, this fight is actually the opposite of the “keeping away from your opponent,” as a smaller fighter ought to. In the video below, we see a fearless Nokweed Davy challenging a young Jerome Le Banner. However, he is not simply challenging him, he is hanging toe-to-toe with a man 35 kilos (70+ pounds) heavier than him.

Let’s see how he did it in this Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

72KG Muay Thai Legend vs. 107 KG Kickboxing Legend | RIP Nokweed Davy

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