Evolve Fight Breakdown: Lumpinee Comeback Liver Shot KO

Analysis of Kittichai’s Comeback Liver Shot KO

Sometimes getting even is enough of a comeback.

Or, more aptly, getting even makes getting the comeback easier. If you’re winning a fight in the first round but find the game being even in the second round, won’t you feel like you’re losing? This is common amongst all sports, be it fighting or chess, basketball or football. If one team or athlete loses the advantage, they will feel like they’re losing even if the game is even.

When you feel like you’re losing, what is almost inevitable? Aggression. Keep those thoughts in mind as you watch the Evolve MMA video breakdown, then we will break it down in further detail in the description below:

Being up against the ropes or cage is usually a bad thing. Usually. However, the current UFC Welterweight champion, Tyrone Woodley, is a fighter who turns this disadvantage into an advantage. When you’re cornered, you have few directions to move, sure. But your opponent has even fewer. You can run, but your opponent can. You can move forward, but your opponent must.

Tyrone Woodley is an expert at drawing his opponent in by backing himself to the cage. He puts his back to the fence and waits for the opponent to move forward. Once his opponent moves forward, he utilizes his trademark explosion and knocks his opponents senseless.

Kittichai did the same thing. But if you’re not one who likes risking themselves, this is prime defense.

Muay Thai Counter – Switch Stance Hook, Kick Combo

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