Evolve Fight Breakdown: Leg Kick Oblivion at Rajadamnern Stadium

Death by 1,000 Leg Kicks

Punches to set up kicks. Yes, basic stuff. However, like all basics, there’s more to it.

The clearest example of punches stepping up kicks are the the Dutch examples: Ernesto Hoost, Rob Kaman, Ramon Dekkers, etc. Punches to the face and a shot to the liver that pushes you off into a low kick. If your punches are a clear enough threat, your leg kick will land. But if your punches aren’t a threat, your leg kick won’t land. Actually, even if your punches are a threat, your kick may not always land. Your opponent could have superb defense and reactions. What to do? We get to basics, get deep into basics.

But before that, let’s take a look at the finish first from this Evolve MMA fight breakdown:

There are 2 ways to land leg kicks: either, blind your opponent or put them on one leg. Blinding is the basic “punches to kicks” like Hoost, Dekkers, and all that jazz. However, putting your opponent on one leg? This is not to be taken too literally. Your goal is to put the majority of your opponent’s weight on one leg. Try this yourself in your stance and see how it feels.

You will never be able to check a leg kick properly if your weight is unevenly distributed. Too much weight on your front leg means you won’t be able to pick it up to check, but too much weight on the back leg means you won’t be able to check properly because you can’t push any weight into your check.

This is then where the punches come in. Each punch will draw a different defensive reaction from your opponent. A double jab pushes your opponent back, but an uppercut won’t move them anywhere. If you know what punches to use to move your opponent’s weight around, you will be able to chop away at their legs with ease.

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