Evolve Fight Breakdown: Left Straight KO at Lumpinee Stadium

Sakpetch’s Left Straight KO

Basics are enough.

More techniques aren’t necessarily better. As the man said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” However, only having a few techniques at your disposal may make you seem predictable. That is not the case.

Even if you only have 2 techniques, you can create almost limitless variations. You can have both attack the body. You can have both attack the head. You can have one attack the head and have the other attack the body. But more than even this, you can use rhythm to create infinite variations.

Rhythm is where the art comes in, and it is in the below Evolve MMA and Muay Ties video that Sakpetch makes art:

If you were limited to only a few techniques to get razor sharp, which techniques would they be? This is the question answered by Sean Fagan in the below video.

In the game of fighting, not all techniques are created equal. Some techniques are more relevant than others, and it is on these high-frequency strikes that you should seek to perfect.

Muay Thai Monday: What Key Techniques Should I Focus On?

If you’re wondering why you should work tirelessly on boring techniques like the jab and teep, this is why. Nong-O, with only a few techniques, is able to create limitless combos and devastation. When you chain techniques together, you can get surprisingly good results. And when you spice them up with some broken rhythm, that’s when you become unpredictable. And when you become unpredictable…that’s when you get the finish.

If you want to learn more about the fine art of mastering basics and abusing them, check out the below video from Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Striking Chess Masters: The Lead Side Triple Threat ft. Nong-O

“Train With Legends” Retreat at Evolve MMA in Singapore

The title is not an exaggeration.

Evolve MMA is the best gym in Asia, and there is no gym in the world that houses as many Muay Thai legends as Evolve MMA. Sagetdao, Petchboonchu, Orono, Nong-O, Yodsanan, and more and more and more are all instructors at Evolve MMA.

Well, not just any instructors…They are your instructors. Yes. Want private clinch seminars with Petchboonchu? You got it. Want a one-on-one session with Yodsanan on boxing? You got it, too. If you want to train with legends to become one yourself,  click here to find out more info on this “Train with Legends” camp.

evolve train with legends muay thai camps

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