Evolve Fight Breakdown: Left Kick + Cross KO Combo

Analysis of Jomhod’s Left Kick and Cross Knockout

Yes, he basically knocked him out on one leg.

This seems to prove that Jomhod possesses inhuman punching power. That is perfectly possible. However, even a man without inhuman power could produce the same beautiful knockout.

The world of fight analyses is a cookbook full of recipes. There are tons of techniques in these analyses we can follow and create knockouts with. However, some of these analyses break down techniques that are difficult to reproduce simply because the fighter being analyzed may be utilizing a physical gift we lack (Jon Jone’s wingspan, for instance).

Fortunately, the technique utilized in this breakdown is perfectly re-creatable. The knockout was able to happen even while Jomhod was on one leg because Kengkart ran into Jomhod’s punch. A collision like this magnifies the power. Imagine a parked car being hit by a moving car versus two moving cars crashing into each other head on.

So how did Jomhod lure his opponent in? That’s the fun part, and it is analyzed brilliantly in the below video from Evolve MMA: a beautiful demonstration of ringcraft.

To force your opponent back, one must be able to threaten. A threat of a strike will move your opponent back just as well as a strike itself. However, you cannot threaten if you have nothing to threaten with. This is where the ability to close the distance comes in. What will make your opponent more frightened than you popping into his space like a ghost, then sucking the life out of him like a vampire?

Muay Thai Mondays: How To Close The Distance To Use Boxing Combos

If you’re looking for a recipe to maximize power, look no further than fights where David defeats Goliath. We’ve all been sold the tale that the little guy, with technique and smarts, can defeat the bigger man. These tales very rarely come true; therefore, when they do, we must pay close attention to learn everything we can from it.

Let us now learn, with Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns as our guide:

72KG Muay Thai Legend vs. 107 KG Kickboxing Legend | RIP Nokweed Davy

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