Evolve Fight Breakdown: Lean Back Right Cross KO at Lumpinee Stadium

Analysis of Manasak’s Lean Back Right Cross KO

Missing kicks is the worst. Actually, no. Missing your kick before getting knocked out is the worst.

Any time you miss a strike, your number one priority should be to return to your stance. Actually, any time you throw or miss a strike, your number one priority should be to return to your stance, assuming your combination is finished. Your stance is your best position for both defense and offense. You are able to move well, you’re able to block quickly, and you’re able to attack at any moment.

If you want to know how badly this all can go if you neglect your return to home base, check out the Evolve MMA and Muay Ties video below:

Missing sucks. However, it is also inevitable. No one has a 100% striking accuracy. So what do we do? We follow up.

You will miss many of your strikes, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot capitalize on your own misses. Your opponent will want to counter you whenever you miss, as they should. We can, therefore, turn this to our benefit.

I present to you the missed low kick to side kick. The next time you miss a kick, you may just catch your opponent as they move in.

Muay Thai Basics: Missed Low Kick to Side Kick

Now, let’s pretend that you’re on the flip side of this equation. Your opponent misses you. What do you do? Hitting them would be great. However, taking an angle would be better. When you take an angle, your opponent will have to turn to face you. This is a moment where they are left completely defenseless and where, due to your position, you can deal even more damage to your opponent.

Let’s take a deeper look at angles through the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

Moments of Brilliance: Saenchai’s Taking Dominant Angles

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