Evolve Fight Breakdown: Jumping Roundhouse Kick KO at Rajadamnern Stadium

Analysis of Banluerit’s Jumping Roundhouse Kick KO

Peter Aerts would be proud.

Banluerit’s setup for his jumping roundhouse kick KO put his opponent in the worst possible position any fighter can be in: dazed, rocky, and cornered. That is the recipe for turning your opponent into a not-really-walking punching bag and land whatever technique you would like to throw.

Peter Aerts would often use a similar principle to land his signature head kick. Aerts would often push his opponents and throw his head kick as his opponents were stumbling back. If you push someone, they lose balance, If they lose balance, they’ll stick their arms out to find balance. If they stick their arms out, their head remains unprotected. You can devastating knockouts through pushing, pulling, tripping, etc. In this case, Banluerit caught his opponent’s leg and managed to knock him off balance.

Then he knocked him out. For the full finish, check out the Evolve MMA breakdown below:

Speaking of catching kicks…

What better way to manipulate your opponent than to grab a part of their body and move them around? We saw what catching and countering could do in the video above, but now let’s look at the finer points of catching and countering.

Perhaps there are other things to do besides kicking your opponent in the head? What if you don’t want to expose yourself? That’s fine. Whatever it is you want to do, there are answers:

Catch and Counter Techniques for Muay Thai

Think Muay Thai is all “stand and bang” and “Thai clinches”? No. Muay Thai, believe it or not, has some flashy techniques as well.

These flashy techniques have their place in Muay Thai and can be used to great effectiveness. You can even pair them with your catching and countering to get some devastating, highlight-reel knockouts. Let’s dive into it through the eyes of  Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Advanced Attacks in Muay Thai

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