Evolve Fight Breakdown: Jumping Elbow KO

Analysis of Yodkhunpon’s Flying Elbow KO

Yodkhunpon catches Chokdee’s kick, but waits for a split second before charging forward. It’s not hesitation, it’s calculation.

Yodkhunpon enters clinch range with a hand trap that acts momentarily as a frame. This blinds Chokdee and enables Yodkhunpon to land the right straight and force Chokdee to the ropes. Chokdee is so violently pushed to the ropes and off balance that he’s subject to the momentum. He bounces off the ropes but is immediately slammed back into the ropes by a devastating flying elbow.

The ropes is where the madness happens. Think about Raymond Daniels’s KO of the century. A push to the ropes, then a brutal back kick that drops him. The ability to use a fight setting is a highly underrated and underappreciated skill. Everyone knows to get a high ground in the battle, but where is that same urgency in the ring or cage to get the high ground?

Below is a brilliant example from Evolve MMA of fight setting used properly:

Pushing someone to the ropes is one thing, but getting yourself away is another. And it is, perhaps, the urgent concern. In the below video, Chris demonstrates a switch-stance hook and kick combo. This technique will get you safely out of range while also attacking your opponent.

Offense and defense come together today, as they always should.

Muay Thai Counter – Switch Stance Hook, Kick Combo

If you want an in-depth analysis of the “Knockout of the Century,” you will find no better than this by  Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns.

If you want to learn how to pressure your opponent into the ropes, then you must watch the below video. Never let ring generalship be forgotten. It is a lost art, and it will help you deal with many an opponent.

Epic Glory Moments: “Knockout of the Century” ‒ Raymond Daniels | Lawrence Kenshin

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