Evolve Fight Breakdown: Invisible Elbow KO at Rajadamnern Stadium

Analysis of Muangthai’s 45 Degree Upward Elbow

His elbow is almost invisible.

I certainly didn’t see it during the first watch, and, of course, neither did Muangthai’s opponent. Such is the beauty of striking within a transition. However, there is much more to be observed. Muangthai was able to time his elbow perfectly with his opponent’s knee. His timing came not due to lightning fast reflexes, but by engineering predictability. And a bit of mind reading.

Let’s take a look at how a defensive mastermind mind reads. We’ll look at the defensive genius Giorgio Petrosyan. You will often see hand fighting in any southpaw vs orthodox match up. They are fighting to create openings and get the outside angle. However, they are also simply putting their hands out there to read intentions. If you feel a push on your lead hand, they’re probably about to move forward.

Now, with this principle of mind reading in mind, see it in action in the Evolve MMA breakdown below:

Speaking of drawing an opponent’s offense…let’s get into the Long Guard. For those encountering it for the first time, it looks counterintuitive. “Leave the body completely unguarded? Impenetrable defense, Mayweather.”

I’ll agree. On first impression, it seems silly. However, if you see an opponent do this, what is your first thought? “Hit them in the body.” That is the first thought of many and probably anyone who sees this guard; therefore, it will be the predictable where you will be attacked if you use the long guard. But if you know where they’ll attack…your opponent has been made predictable.

The “Dracula” Guard | Muay Thai Defensive Shell

Spinning shit is not fancy for the sake of fancy. Many will steer completely clear of such techniques when they’re thrown at them. They’ll move far back out of the way. These techniques, therefore, become great for securing space. Conor Mcgregor often uses these techniques to push the opponent back against the cage.

Let’s observe the many other uses they possess in this Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

Advanced Attacks in Muay Thai

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