Evolve Fight Breakdown: Hand Trap KO at Rajadamnern Stadium

Analysis of Thanonchai’s Hand Trap KO

Hand trapping removes the guard and can turn your opponent into a sitting duck. If it is performed correctly, that is.

If a hand trapped is performed at the wrong time, you become the sitting duck.

As with any technique, the setup, of course, is extremely important. Second to the setup is the timing. Like a leg kick, the hand trap is best performed when your opponent is off-balanced. In the below video, you will see that Thanonchai subtly angles himself off as his opponent moves forward with a switch step. Thanonchai then rips his opponent’s lead hand away and smashes him in the face, thus beginning his downfall.

The hand trap, if time correctly as in this case, can completely eliminate your opponent’s offense: one of their hands is down, and they are off balanced.

Check out the finish in full in the Evolve MMA video below:

The simplest way, as we’ve learned, to make your opponent a sitting duck is to eliminate their balance. Another way to make your opponent into a sitting duck is to make them a deer in the headlights. Lots of animals to keep track of, I know.

However, do you remember times in fights where one fighter simply shells up and doesn’t seem to know what is happening to him? Thanonchai’s KO above is one example.

If you want to make your opponent a deer in the headlights, you need fakes. Fakes will confuse your opponent and make you completely unpredictable.

3 Fake Teep Techniques for Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a highly technical chess match. It is “a chess match where your body is on the line.” We’re all trying to use techniques like the hand traps, fakes, and more to become masters. But sometimes the best way to learn is to observe and imitate the masters.

Let’s see a master at play through the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Striking Chess Masters: The Lead Side Triple Threat ft. Nong-O

“Train With Legends” Retreat at Evolve MMA in Singapore

How do you become the best at something? You train with the best. And there is no place like Evolve MMA if you want to find the best.

However, you won’t simply be training alongside the best, though that is enough of a treat. You will get private seminars and training sessions with top champion Muay Thai fighters like Sagetdao, Petchboonchu, Orono, Nong-O, Yodsanan and a number of other elite fighters. What better than one-on-one time with the best in the world?

If you’re interested in learning from the pantheon of the greatest Muay Thai fighters of all time, click here or the image below to find out more about this epic vacation!

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