Evolve Fight Breakdown: Fairtex Clinch Elbow KO at Lumpinee Stadium

Analysis of Krobsud Fairtex’s Elbow KO

The intricacies of the clinch are infinite.

The clinch is an entire art in itself. However, the principles of striking still remain: first and foremost, balance. Your feet are closer together when clinching than they will be when striking. However, because your feet are closer together, the chances of you getting thrown off balance are higher. And, to make matters worse, if your feet spread too far apart, you will be unable to make around as freely as you please, and you will not be able to defend yourself as freely as you please, which means that your opponent will be able to attack you…as freely as they please. Pleasant for them. Unpleasant for you.

With the lower body occupied in footworks and knees, it becomes the job of the upper body to off-balance your opponent. The off-balancing, like in striking in any range, can begin simply by pushing and pulling your opponent. Who would have thought. Check it out in full in the video from Evolve MMA below:

Hate getting punched in the face? Why not just wrap your arm around your head and hold out your arm like it’s a stop sign? Sounds dumb? Tell that to Kru Rong, former Rajadamnern stadium champion. The “Dracula” guard can come off as counter-intuitive: a guard that exposes your body?

Yes, we know. If we do this, you’ll just kick our ribs open. And it is precisely because we know that we’ll be able to counter it…

The “Dracula” Guard | Muay Thai Defensive Shell

If you want to master the clinch, there is simply no better specimen in the world to study than Dieselnoi. They don’t call him the Sky-Piercing Knee for nothing. Unfortunately, the footage of Dieselnoi is limited. However, every piece of Dieselnoi footage is filled with gold.

Today, we’re going to play Indiana Jones and move on an intellectual treasure hunt, and our guide shall be none other than Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

The Greatest Knee Fighter in Muay Thai: Tribute to Dieselnoi

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