Evolve Fight Breakdown: Elbow KO Drops His Opponent Into the Ropes

Analysis of Manasak’s Elbow KO

Fighting any opponent head on is foolish.

Muay Thai is misunderstood by casual MMA fans as a stand and bang style. Like all forms of fighting, Muay Thai is highly technical, tactical, and strategic.

Like in other combat sports, in Muay Thai if your opponent is charging at you, you want to move yourself out of danger. You could do this by moving back, moving to the side, or even moving forward to nullify their attacks. Moving forward and clinching is a strong reset button if you’re in a bad place. Moving back can also be a reset button. However, moving to the side, if done correctly, can be the most advantageous.

The goal of fighting is to hit and not get hit, and the most effective way to hit and not get hit is by taking angles. In the below Evolve MMA and Muay Ties video, Manasak is able to take advantage of an angle a send his opponent flying into the ropes:

In fighting, there are few as good at taking angles and countering as Conor Mcgregor. Even the great Saenchai said that Mcgregor’s “counter punching is really good” and that he’s ever fought anyone with Mcgregor’s punching accuracy. That is why Chris Mauceri has taken the liberty of breaking down one of the basic southpaw counters that Mcgregor has mastered.

You will learn how to counter with the left-hand, how to take angles, and how to put your opponent to sleep:

Southpaw Tactics: 3 Left-Hand Counter Techniques

Speaking of Saenchai… Saenchai is a fighter unlike any other. However, there are tools of his that may be analyzed and used by the masses. You do not need to be an athlete like Saenchai in order to fight on his level.

In the below video, Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns breaks down how Saenchai takes angles and how you can too:

Moments of Brilliance: Saenchai’s Taking Dominant Angles

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The title is not an exaggeration.

Evolve MMA is the best gym in Asia, and there is no gym in the world that houses as many Muay Thai legends as Evolve MMA. Sagetdao, Petchboonchu, Orono, Nong-O, Yodsanan, and more and more and more are all instructors at Evolve MMA.

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