Evolve Fight Breakdown: Elbow KO at Rajadamnern Stadium

Analysis of Yodlekphet Or. Pitisak’s Elbow KO

Balance keeps you from crumbling to the mat.

Yes, I’m really hitting you with high-level analysis.

I’d like to, however, dive deeper into balance. Balance is where many knockouts and successful strikes happen. Think of Ernesto Hoost’s leg kicks. His entire leg kick methodology was based around upsetting his opponent’s balance by either completely removing the weight off certain legs or putting too much weight on them. Either way, it ends with a leg kick.

Think back to Chris Weidman’s KO of Anderson Silva at UFC 162. Silva leaned too far back in that final combination and was knocked completely out. How is it that the iron-chined Anderson Silva could get knocked out like that? After all, Anderson Silva took multiple H-bombs from Dan Henderson and didn’t even flinch. The answer: balance. Or…lack of it, I should say.

To see imbalance at play, observe the knockout in the video below from Evolve MMA:

A simple stiff arm creates the opening for an elbow that his opponent won’t remember…until some time after he wakes up.

Pushing an opponent creates distance, which creates or removes opportunity. As you can see, pushing can be both offense and defense. Think about teeping an opponent away from you so you can get space. The clinch is a beautiful place where pushing and pulling are as important as ever. Your ability to control your opponent’s balance becomes your ability to control your opponent.

The next time you find it difficult to control your opponent or get a good read on them, perhaps you could try upsetting their balance. When you remove your opponent’s balance, you not only make them predictable, you can often make them stationary.

Is there possibly a better opponent to face than one who is predictable and stationary? Nope.

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