Evolve Fight Breakdown: Counter Head Kick KO at Rajadamnern

Analysis of Chatploy’s Head Kick KO

All fighting is about positioning and distance.

Positioning is vital because it determines how powerful your strikes can be, and distance is important because it determines what strikes you throw. Chatploy is able to subtly manipulate the distance between himself and his opponent while maintaining perfect positioning.

The most basic component of positioning is your stance. From your stance comes everything. If your stance is shaky, you will not be able to move well or throw with power. The trick with footwork is to maintain a strong stance while moving and while your opponent’s trying to break you and your balance.

Chatploy makes a subtle change in distance by stepping his lead foot back a few inches. His feet are still far apart, so his stance is still strong. And because his stance is strong and the distance is changed, the attacks his opponent wants to throw miss completely. As they miss, Chatploy delivers a brutal head kick for the finish in this Evolve MMA fight breakdown:

MUAY THAI FIGHT BREAKDOWN: Vicious Head Kick KO! | Evolve University

We all want to land the perfect counter like Chatploy does. However, it must be understood that not all strikes are meant to land. Setups are the magic. For each strike you throw, your opponent will have a defense. For every defense, there will be an opening.

The defense for a straight can leave you open to a hook; the defense to a hook can leave you open for a straight. Understanding how strikes pair to exploit your opponent’s defense is vital. In the video below, you will see a perfect example of a strike pairing that exploits an opponent’s defensive position:

Muay Thai Southpaw Setup: Fake Roundhouse to Rear Push Kick

One of the most neglected arts in fighting is ringcraft—where you fight determines how you fight.

Namkhabuan is a master of ringcraft. He knows exactly how to feint and push you around, moving you from place to place—until he has you where he wants you. From then on, you’re in for a hard time. Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns breaks down the master of aggressive ringcraft:

Namkabuan: “The Ring Genius”

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