Evolve Fight Breakdown: Clinch War With an Elbow KO

Analysis of Krobsud’s Elbow KO 

Krobsud drowned his Rakchart in the clinch.

The clinch is one of the most unique aspects of Muay Thai. In no other stand up style is there such a focus on such a small range. Though boxing does cover the clinch to some extent, it doesn’t nearly have as much range to it as Muay Thai. This elevates Muay Thai’s value and support of how complete of a striking art it is.

However, given the uniqueness of the clinch, many find training it difficult or downright frightening. However, of course, all things are frightening when we know nothing about them. If your clinch knowledge is not extensive, do not fret. If your clinch knowledge is extensive, don’t be bored. The below Evolve MMA video will break down Krobsud’s elbow KO of Rakchart, and it will have knowledge for both the novice and the expert to chew on:

MUAY THAI FIGHT BREAKDOWN: Vicious Muay Thai Elbow KO | Evolve University

Fear of rejection is a big reason why some folks are less social than others, and the fear of getting knocked the hell out when you’re trying to enter the clinch is a big reason why some folks don’t clinch as much as others. But fear not.

In the below video, Chris Clodfelter demonstrates a brilliant method of entering the clinch in the safest way possible. Safety first.

Muay Thai Technique: Fake Teep to Clinch Entry

If trying to lessen your fear of the clinch is not enough, then let’s instead look at how we heighten your affection for it.

Dieselnoi is the undisputed master of the clinch. In fact, he is so undisputed that he was forced to retire because no one would fight him. In the below video from Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown, we will take a look at why this man was so feared and how you can replicate his technique:

The Greatest Knee Fighter in Muay Thai: Tribute to Dieselnoi

“Train With Legends” Retreat at Evolve MMA in Singapore

How do you become the best at something? You train with the best. And there is no place like Evolve MMA if you want to find the best.

However, you won’t simply be training alongside the best, though that is enough of a treat. You will get private seminars and training sessions with top champion Muay Thai fighters like Sagetdao, Petchboonchu, Orono, Nong-O, Yodsanan and a number of other elite fighters. What better than one-on-one time with the best in the world?

If you’re interested in learning from the pantheon of the greatest Muay Thai fighters of all time, click here or the image below to find out more about this epic vacation!

muay thai vacations and trips

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